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2 mins read

A Perfect Marriage: PLM & e-Sourcing aka. BOM cost management


Given this post goes live on Valentine's Day, let's talk relationships. There are a lot of ups and downs in relationships. Couples try to…

3 mins read

Indirect Procurement - The Underdog


Indirect procurement is underloved in the sourcing world. Direct is big spend, highly-strategic, and ... sexy -- if you can call it that. By…

3 mins read

Does Ease-of-Use Matter in Sourcing Tech?


When my dog was sick, the vet prescribed her some medication. We were instructed to mix the pills in with her food every night. The only…

1 mins read

How can procurement professionals maximize benefits of e-sourcing software


There are a few key ways in which procurement professionals can maximize the benefits of e-sourcing software: Use the software to automate…

5 mins read

White Paper: Inflation Gate


PDF version No – there isn’t a silver bullet, but in this article we detail a few approaches our customers have used to achieve impact…

4 mins read

How to Build a Car


"Working at Tesla is the hardest job you're ever going to have." This is the kind of thing I heard all the time from tenured employees when…

4 mins read

What is Supply Chain?


While there is no single definition, this felt like a pretty good one: The overly simplistic view of "supply chain" is it's just the flow…

3 mins read

What's the difference between Direct and Indirect Procurement?


TLDR: Direct Procurement: things a company buys to put into a product it sells to customer Indirect Procurement: things a company buys to…

5 mins read

Supplier Partnership Hierarchy


Everybody knows the old adage: "You are what you eat." The same is true for supply chain. If your suppliers are unhealthy, your business is…

9 mins read

Incoterms: A Complete Guide


Let's say you're a buyer, and just found a great seller, negotiated a price, and shook hands. Success! Now what? "Are you going to ship? Or…

7 mins read

Should-Cost Modeling Changes the Game


Have you heard of "3-Bids and a Buy"? It's a simple and classic approach to purchasing. It's quick and gets stuff done. A procurement…

4 mins read

Why procurement matters more than sales


Procurement doesn't usually get the credit it deserves. Sales gets all the glory. When a sales person closes a new contract, it's high-fives…

3 mins read

The Third Wave of SaaS


This post is extremely short, and captures a simple trend in software while explaining why LightSource feels like such magic. There are…

1 mins read

A cultural double-standard in Supply Chain


If there’s one thing we’ve learned from this year it’s: Supply Chain is hard. Indeed, we’d make the argument that supply chain management is…

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What is LightSource?


Our mission At LightSource, our mission is to “illuminate the global supply chain”. To achieve this vision, we build software to help…

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