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Sourcing, Simplified

Streamline your procurement workflows with the power of AI

Streamline your procurement workflows with the power of AI

Setup projects

In minutes for any size (from 1 item to 1000 items)

Ready-to-use templates

Use AI-recommended category-specific templates from the LS template library or make your own using the LS template designer

AI powered bid analysis

Get the best value for your money with AI powered bid analysis and comparison

Collaborate Effortlessly

Forge Stronger Partnerships with Intelligent Collaboration Tools

Forge Stronger Partnerships with Intelligent Collaboration Tools

Intelligent chat

Manage messages on different topics across all your sourcing activity, with AI to help you track important action items

More than just quoting

Coordinate on operational things like timelines, item details and keep collaborating after the award decision

Build relationships

Build up an understanding of your relationships through work you do in the tool

We at Canada Goose really needed something like LightSource. It’s an all-in-one sourcing engine that my team and suppliers actually adopted and use to drive efficiencies. The LightSource team behind it are incredibly responsive and eagerly develops new features at an unbelievable pace.

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Danny Wang
SVP of Operations, Sourcing, and Procurement at Canada Goose

HelloFresh insists on the best for its customers. We recognize this can only be achieved with world-class suppliers supported by a remarkable procurement team using superior technology - that's LightSource. My team loves using LightSource and candidly, so do our vendors. LightSource is an invaluable tool for any Procurement leader.

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Elena Bernardo
SVP of Operations at Hello Fresh

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